Do Higher Reps Get you “Toned”?



It is a false assumption that training with high reps helps you get more “toned” and build lean muscle.

High-rep training also generally doesn’t burn enough extra calories to meaningfully increase fat loss.

Therefore, it’s best to see your weight training as separate from your fat loss goals.

Create a caloric deficit primarily through nutrition and train with weights to preserve muscle and strength.

For most people, this means your training doesn’t have to change a lot when the goal is fat loss. You can add a few cardio sessions here and there, but the way you strength train can remain mostly the same.

Moderate to Heavy Weight Reps (8-12 reps/set)

This is the type of training that is the best for building visible muscle. Whether your goal is toning or building lean muscle, this is the type of strength training gives you the most visible results by promoting larger muscles, otherwise known as hypertrophy.

Women often fear that lifting this way will make them too big.  In truth, that’s unlikely, especially if you’re watching your diet.  Most women have to lift (and eat) a lot to really build lean muscle.  This is even more true as we age.

If your goal is to tone up, a moderately heavy weight and a rep range of about 10-12 reps per set is a powerful addition to your cardio or lighter sets of weight training. Select your weight at a level that leaves you struggling to finish your final repetitions.

Make Today Count.





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