Rest-Pause Training: Break Plateaus

Research by the University of Western Sydney shows that rest-pause training can help with breaking through plateaus by increasing muscle fiber recruitment. The more muscle fibers you are able to recruit, the more force your body can produce.

How Does This Training work?

Stick to one weight, take a set to or near failure, then rest briefly and repeat process 3-4 times.

For Example: 5 sets of bicep curls taken to failure, 10 seconds rest in between sets.

Set 1: 10 reps

Set 2: 5 reps

Set 3: 3 reps

Set 4: 3 reps

This workout strategy shouldn’t be used every single day. This can damage your central nervous system and not fully recover your muscles. If you are in a strength plateau, give this a try!




  3. Rest-Pause Method

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