What Does “Foam Rolling” Actually Do?

You’ve probably seen this at your local gym and wonder what the heck are people doing rolling your legs on a goofy looking piece of foam that rolls? Is the ‘hype” around foam rollers effective in muscle recovery? Well, lets bring out some research.

Like most ‘fads”, foam rolling is nothing to really boast about. It doesn’t really improve your flexibility, but it still works…

Research has shown that foam rolling a muscle’s range of motion is effective BEFORE training than static stretching. Unlike static stretching, foam rolling before exercise doesn’t demonstrate negative effects. Therefore, foam rolling can help with range of motion before training.

On the other hand, research has shown that foam rolling post-workout can help enhance recovery from muscle soreness and improve muscle performance on subsequent training days.

Bottom line: Foam rollers aren’t the most effective way to increase range of motion, but it does seem to reduce some muscle soreness. I’ll provide a blog post in the upcoming weeks to explain what I think is the most effective way to improve range of motion and flexibility.

Stay tuned fam!




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Foam Roller

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