5 Foods That Help with Anxiety

5 Foods That Help with Anxiety

Cortisol AKA “the belly fat hormone” kicks in substantially when the body is under stress or anxiety. A recent study by Sleep Science discovered that when stress affects a person’s sleep cycle, they are more likely to choose to eat bad foods, snack late at night, and go for the high-carb options (Cheetohs, chips, cookies, etc.)

If you are experiencing minor anxiety in your life, here are some foods that will help you relax and refocus so you can attack the day feeling amazing.


Cherries are the sweet treat mother earth proudly has to offer. These tasty treats are very few calories and one cup serving size will provide 25% DV (Daily Value) of your Vitamin C consumption.


This little blue bullet boosts brain power and bewilders belly fat, helping you lowering blood pressure along the way.


Potatoes will give you potassium and fiber, baking them adds more Vitamin C DV. By cooling cooked potatoes, they turn into a resistant starch, which means your body will digest them slower and your blood sugar levels will stay at a more consistent baseline.


Throw a tangerine in your next fruit smoothie, these orange cuties have ascorbic acid which helps the body absorb iron, plus one serving will provide nearly  90% DV of Vitamin C.


Filled with an overabundance of Vitamin C, a grapefruit a day can help keep your anxiety low throughout the stressful day. A study found that eating half a grapefruit before meals may help reduce belly fat and even lower cholesterol levels.

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