5 Strategies You Can Do in the Morning to Help with Weight Loss

5 Strategies You Can Do in the Morning to Help with Weight Loss

Do a HIIT Workout First Thing.

 The best strategy for lowering body fat % is to work out within an hour of waking up and in a fasted state ( Check Out my Podcast on Intermittent Fasting to Learn More). Glycogen levels are depleted during sleep, so your body will utilize body fat as an energy source. 

Include Protein.

After being in fasted state at night and burning some calories, it’s important to fuel your muscles with protein to prevent any breakdown (debatable if you take BCAAS in am, you’ll preserve muscles) but generally speaking, high amounts of protein in the AM is a great start to your day for losing body weight. Bad news for you guys – bacon and sausage aren’t very good protein sources in the AM, high in fats plus loaded with saturated fat and potentially harmful nitrites… Try to stick to turkey bacon and turkey sausage if you’re going to eat that stuff every morning.

 Good morning foods high in protein include: Greek Yogurt, Eggs, canned wild salmon.

Toss Out the Bagels.

These starchy grains are anything but healthy for you so toss these belly bursting refined carbs out the door… Bagels are made from enriched flour instead of whole grains, which doesn’t fill your little tummy with belly-filling fiber that should help with blood sugar stability and satiety. Super critical to get these out of your diet if you’re a diabetic.

Add Cinnamon.

This is the morning miracle spice, helping improve sensitivity to insulin. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, cinnamon helps with ensuring that incoming calories are converted into energy, not fat. Dust a spoonful of that good stuff into your protein shake or oatmeal and reap the fat loss benefits!


Several studies have shown black coffee to boost your metabolism in the morning. But you need to understand that too much coffee can be hurting rather than helping you lose weight. Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant. If you’re constantly consuming it, you may not eat much, and not eating enough throughout the day can make your metabolism sluggish. For dinner, your body will store the food you eat as fat, rather than immediate energy, just in case it gets food deprived again.

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