8 Things You Can Do That Will Decrease your Chances of Getting Dementia or Alzheimer’s

8 Things You Can Do That Will Decrease your Chances of Getting Dementia or Alzheimer’s

A major study done by the Lancet International Commission on Dementia prevention and Care in 2017 found that 35 percent of dementia cases can be delayed or even avoided altogether.

You can’t change the genes you’ve inherited, but here are a few ways you can dramatically decrease your chances of ever getting Dementia.

1. Get Enough Sleep Every Night.

Sleeping less than five hours a night or more than ten hours a night may raise your risk of dementia. (Journal of the America Geriatics Society). If you snore a lot or don’t feel like you get a full nights rest consistently, consider getting tested for sleep apnea, an airway condition in which you stop breathing briefly throughout the night.

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight, especially starting in mid-life years will help protect your brain.

3. Exercise Daily.

I go to the gym every morning to ensure my brain and body stay keen and sharp. The healthier your body and brain can be, the more you may be able to withstand or delay the symptoms of brain damage or memory loss. High levels of exercise may show clear signs of protecting your chances of ever getting a type of dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you need a workout program, follow or subscribe to my website. I provide daily workouts for men AND Women. These are workouts I personally do and find effective towards muscle development and weight loss.

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4. Socialize.

Social isolation is a risk factor for high blood pressure, depression, and coronary heart disease, which all of these are terrible for the brain. Being around like-minded people boosts your energy, giving your brain healthy stimulations and giving you motivation. Isolation is more common in elderly people, which is a red flag and something to be aware because the body/mind can decline at an outstanding rate.

5. Eat a Mediterranean-Style Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the best eating plans you can follow. Why? Studies done by the Mayo Clinic show it to be one of the easiest diet to follow. It includes tons of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, fish, and even wine.

6. Try New Things Every Day.

Enjoy life and the pleasures it has to offer you. Never have two days be the same, break out of your comfort zone and do something new in your life. Mixing up routines, taking on new challenges, changing up your workouts are all examples that help stimulate the brain to help maintain brain functionality, possibly reversing the aging of the brain says MD Kenneth S. Kosik.

7. Drink Black Coffee in the AM.

Coffee contains a chemical called eicosanoyl 5-hydroxytryptmide (EHT) which in rats has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s. In a study done by John Hopkins University, researchers showed that 200 mg of coffee can help us store memory better and better memorize new information.

8. Talk to Strangers, Meet New People.

Research from the university of Chicago Booth School of Business found that many of us overestimate the difficulty of connecting with new people, which may actually be quite rewarding. The participants in the study assumed that they their well-being would reduce after engaging with strangers; they actually felt way better about themselves and brain activity increased in most participants by more than 20%.

Make Today Count.

– Cooper


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