Creatine + ReplaceSR Electrolytes Enhance Aerobic and Strength Performance?

Creatine + ReplaceSR Electrolytes Enhance Aerobic and Strength Performance?

What if you could combine creatine, a supplement that may increase athletic performance and strength, with phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and sodium to outperform your competition and absolutely crush your PR’s on your deadlift, squat, bench press, 5k or marathon times?

Our premium electrolytes sports and active lifestyle performance product ReplaceSR (sustained electrolytes) combined with monohydrate creatine may lead to significant improvements in your bench press, back/front squat, and aerobic/endurance performance.
Utah-based Albion Laboratories formulated a multi-ingredient similar to the combination of our electrolytes and creatine, and the results were something you shouldn’t miss out reading more about.
Data published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition leads us to believe that this combination may produce exceptional results, giving you a potential edge on your competition.
In this study, 22 recreationally trained men and women in their early 20’s were randomly given either a placebo or a multi-ingredient performance supplement daily for six weeks.
Here’s what the MIPS ingredients consisted of:
Creatine 4g
Phosphorous 857mg
Magnesium 286mg
Calcium 171g
Potassium 171mg
Sodium 114mg
The results were dramatic in terms of strength improvements. Data from back squats and bench presses showed that the MIPS provided a 5.90% increase in participants one-rep max on bench press, compared to a measly 0.7% increase with the placebo group.
Additionally, 1RM in the back squat improved by more than 13% in the MIPS group, dominating the placebo group (0.2% decrease collectively).
The study also reported that creatine and electrolyte consumption was associated with a significant increase of concentric (contracting movement) work and overall power in participants 80% 1RM lifts. In other words, participants were able to do more work at 80% of their one-rep max when consuming creatine and electrolytes.
Furthermore, there’s solid evidence showing that creatine combined with electrolytes may produce significant strength gains and enhance athletic performance.
If you are curious about electrolytes or want to learn more about them, visit our site ( and try our ReplaceSR product.
Our site will inform you all about our sustained release electrolytes and how it may benefit the body. We have been fueling athletes across the world with our product, providing them with clean, vegan-friendly ingredients designed for rebuilding muscle, reducing inflammation and muscle cramping, and improving energy levels to dominate your workouts and the competition.
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