Quit Counting Your Steps… This Metric is Way More Important (HERE’s WHY)

This trending “10,000 Steps a Day” Scam is total shmuck… It’s called really good marketing and advertising. If you used to count your steps, stop, and focus on your VO2 max. What’s this?


VO2 max is the person’s max oxygen uptake that is utilized during exercise or any active activity. Essentially, it’s the max amount of oxygen you have access to during your workout, and it can help reveal your overall fitness, physical physique potential. Additionally, it can calculate your aerobic capacity, which is the maximal working heart rate of that individual (University of Georgia Exercise Physiology Department).


How To Find Your VO2 MAX

You can calculate this by the number of beats per minute during an intense workout. Equation: Hrmax = 205.8 – (0.685 x age)


When you’re in a relaxed state, calculate your heart rate by using your forefinger and middle finger to check your pulse on your wrists near your tendons or below your jaw on your neck (classic middle school heart rate check 101) count the number of beats over the course of 10 seconds, then multiple by six.

Obviously there are several ways to rate your overall fitness and general health. This metric gives a solid baseline and is a quick tool you can use while you’re at the gym.

If you are looking for a legitimate heart rate monitor, go on Amazon (they have everything) and get the Accuro heart rate monitor. This device keeps track of your different heart rate zones.

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10,000 Steps are dead. VO2 Max is here to stay.


Make Today Count.

– Cooper


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