Weekend WWOD #18 20-Min HIIT Workout (Belly Fat Burner!)

Not only are you burning fat in this workout, you’ll be improving mobility in areas you don’t normally train. Additionally, this workout is metabolic conditioning-based, so you’re getting the benefit of resistance training and HIIT cardio all at once! All you need is two light dumbbells (10-20 lbs), start light and go up in weight if you wanna step it up a notch!

Complete a warm-up (dynamic stretching) before you begin to loosen up, once finished, grab your dumbbells and let the fat burning begin! (Click exercise for video demo!)

2-3 Rounds, 30 seconds each exercise.

Pulse Squat into Curtsy Lunge

V-Sit With Chest Fly

Push-Up to Single-Arm Front Raise

Jumping Jack with Dumbbell

Single-Leg Deadlift into Reverse Lunge (add Bicep Curl During Reverse Lunges!)

DB Rows with Tricep Extension

Glute Bridge with DB Chest Press

Weighted Speed Skaters

Make Today Count.
– Cooper


Hey Everyone! I'm really excited to announce that I will be officially starting cooperbrunnerfitness! To give a quick overview, I will basically be discussing concepts or frameworks I've learned through research that I believe are critical to learn to become a disciplined, successful individual in all aspects of life. Your probably wondering.. Why are you all of the sudden deciding to become a blogger? Well... For years I have been studying/reading about influential people (Warren, Gary V, Tony Robbins, Zuck, Jobs..) that began with nothing and incrementally worked their way into becoming successful entrepreneurs. My hope is that while writing these blogs, I can ultimately inspire you to change your life and conquer those challenges you face everyday that block you from your goals. By no means am I saying that everything I talk about is the magic secret to success, but by reading the content I write about, hopefully you can take away some small tips/advice that can help inspire you to create ways on improving your life and the others around you. MAKE TODAY COUNT.

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  1. Wish I could, but my right knee is always swollen. Did boxing, Mauy thai kickboxing, upper body machines, and bouncing on the upside down Bosu ball to cool down. Love being retired. 🥊🥊

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