Why is HIIT Better than Cardio For Burning Belly Fat?

Why is HIIT Better than Cardio For Burning Belly Fat?

You build muscle through strength training, that’s a simple concept. But when it comes to cardio training, that’s a whole different discussion… What makes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) so effective?

It comes down to heart rate intensity and the muscle-building aspect. Cardio training does wonders for heart health and should be implemented in your program periodically, but it doesn’t engage/build muscle the way HIIT and resistance training does.

It’s important to realize that cardio training can actually break down muscle tissue (lose muscle) if you do too much of it without proper fuel, so be smart with how long you are running… When I am doing cardio training, I do low heart rate intensity on the treadmill, incline of about 10%, for 30-45 minutes. That is a much better strategy and will preserve muscle, burn off unwanted fat.

Big question I receive: How Often Should I Do Resistance Training and Cardio to Burn Off Belly Fat?

It’s all about balancing your cardio and resistance training out throughout the week. You should have a plan going into the week (follow my daily workout schedule, WODs and WWODs) cardio may not be the most effective way to burn off fat but it still needs to be added into your week for your overall fitness and health/well-being.

The Journal of internal Medicine revealed that walking, cycling, and hiking or swimming decreases your chance of getting type 2 diabetes and depression and reduce your risk for injury.

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