WOD #10 Legs + Shoulders Workout

I’m always trying to find strategies to compliment my leg days with some sort of upper body movement. It’s nothing too intense, but I strategically add shoulder workouts into my leg day to add more volume to the shoulders within the week. In this workout, you’ll be going through great lower half exercises and adding shoulder supersets. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! FOCUS UP and MAKE IT A GREAT WORKOUT!

Circuit #1
Back Squats
Warm up set (10 reps)
Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Circuit #2
Bulgarian Split Squats (Hold 5 sec last rep on each set)
Dumbbell Front Raises

Circuit #3
Single Leg Curl Machine
7×10 each leg (30 second rest)
Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises

Calf Machine
3×8 (HEAVY, Contract the calf muscle, hold for a sec, slowly break down)

Tip of the Day: Calves are stubborn as hell to grow. Think about it… These muscles get utilized the most because it is contracting with every step you take. That’s why you have to forget about doing high reps with calves, you need to focus on heavier weights and contracting the calf muscle at its peak with as much weight you can safely control. Burn the heck out of those calves! Share this workout with your boy and get yourself a huge PUMP!!

Make Today Count.

– Cooper


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