WOD #9 Triceps // Biceps Focused

I NEVER just focus on arms in a workout. You have to add in a compound exercise in your workout if you goal is to pack on muscle FAST, just doing bicep/triceps in a workout won’t help achieve optimum muscle hypertrophy. The majority of these exercises will be catered to the arms, but we will start with the deadlift. The deadlift is a full body exercise that will work on your explosiveness, forearm grip strength, and burn a crap ton of calories. Get after it today and leave nothing left!

warm-up 135lbs
3×15 ( I’ll strive for 225 lbs or more for weight)

Circuit #1
Overhead Tricep Press
EZ Bar Bicep Curls

Circuit #2
Close Grip Bench Press (Elbows tucked close to activate more triceps)
Hammer Curls

Circuit #3 (light, focused on time under tension)
Single-Arm Tricep Extensions
Straight Bar Bicep Curl HOLDS 90 Degrees (45-seconds)

Abs Workout
5 Minute Burnout 2 rounds, 30 seconds each

V Sit ups 30 sec
Flutter Kicks 30 sec
Bicycles 30 sec
Reverse Crunches 30 sec
Full Sit Up 30 sec
Superman Variation 30 sec
Knee Tucks 30 sec
Russian Twists 30 sec
Planks 1 min

Stay consistent and follow these workouts to get the RESULTS you want!

Make Today Count.



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