WWOD #10 Cardio & Abs

No better way to start a Friday than doing a solid Cardio and Abs workout, right? In this workout we will be starting it off with a solid 20-minute cardio (treadmill indoor or jogging outside works) nothing fancy, but man you’ll be thanking yourself you did this after completing 4-5 rounds of this abs workout. Lots of reps for abs, focusing on toning the abs but also strengthening them so if you can’t do 20 reps on each exercise, focus on time under tension and do 10 reps each exercise.
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Light Jogging (level 6 on treadmill) or simply jogging outside for 20-25 minutes. Should strive for a 2 mile jog.

End With Abs Workout (4-5 Rounds)

Flutter Kicks 20 reps
V-Sit Up 20 reps
Heel Taps 20 reps
Full Sit Up 10 reps
Reverse Crunch 10 reps
Supermans 10 reps
Planks 1 minute

Tip of the day: It’s also smart to add abs to a cardio day, but make sure you are stretching after your run. Simply adding in 2-3 basic post run stretches will ensure you don’t injury yourself later after jumping into abs. Give this workout a shot!

Make Today Count.

– Cooper


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