WWOD #13 (Smith Machine Leg Press) – Glutes Focused

When it comes to equipment, I would never replace free weights with smith machines. To get more muscles activated, free weights are ideal, but for the sake of the workout utilizing both will trigger your muscles to strengthen in different ways/angles. It’s good to learn how to do as many exercises as possible so you can find what exercises work best for you, these are solid lower half workouts to have in your back pocket. So let’s get after it and get the booty burning! (click each exercise for video demos).

Smith Machine Leg Press
4×20 reps

Narrow Stance Squats

Reverse Lunges
3×10 each leg

Sumo Deadlifts

Finish with Abs

Leg Lifts

Why should we use the Smith Machine? This machine is really helpful to use if you have a bad back, it will keep your body stable and upright, minimizing bad posture throughout the exercise. Please share this workout with your friends, leave a comment, and subscribe to keep receiving really good workouts!

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