WWOD #14 Advanced HIIT Workout For Women (Burn Belly Fat)

There are many ways to do high-intensity interval training, but the concept is always the same. Work hard for a few seconds to raise your heart rate, then take it easy to recover! Because HIIT workouts are intense, you don’t want to perform them for a long time, the whole workout typically shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes. HIIT increases your EPOC, which is your post-exercise oxygen consumption. HIIT has you burning more calories AFTER your workout – it’s actually getting you leaner when you’re kicking it around the crib, watching Game of Thrones, or sleeping… You don’t get the same effect with aerobic training. Well here’s todays workout! Lets get lean! 🙂

4 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise

Side-to-Side Knee Drivers (box included, light dumbbell weights)

Table Top Reach and Lift

Explosive Hop Up

Mountain Climbers

Lunge Press (with dumbbells)


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